domenica 10 aprile 2011

Little Huge Pills of Happiness

Every day life is so stressful and days run so quickly that you hardly have the time to realize how much you are happy! But sometimes, when you are on the bus on your way home with your favorite music in your ears, here it is: happiness! And your heart starts thudding and you smile like a fool among the crowd...

Spring has finally come to London and all the trees are in bloom and all the royal parks are full of people! In these sunny days, in my spare time, I like going to Hyde Park; if you like nature and animals, you can find lots of hungry squirrels to feed there, especially if you're coming from Kensington High Street. You can sit down on a bench with your little bag of peanuts and all the squirrels come to you and sometimes they climb up your legs to get their food! so funny!

But it's also lovely spending a sunny day in Regents Park, going through it and its flowers, climbing up Primrose Hill and from up there, having a breathtaking view of London; then you can have a walk on the Regents Canal and get to Little Venice, with all those colorful boats on the canal.

If it's Sunday and you want to go to all these places you have to share them with lots of people, tourists or Londoners as well, but the City is so big that you can definitely find a little corner for you and your happiness!

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