sabato 19 marzo 2011

Where are the Londoners?

Ok, I came to London just two months ago, but if you walk in the streets, if you go shopping in some Sainsbury's or whatever, if you go to the park looking for a squirrel or if you are just coming back home by bus or tube, you hardly can find a Londoner close to you... It also depends on what you are expecting from a Londoner: I'm used to compare English people to the characters of some old Agatha Christie's movie, so if you are looking for a kind of old woman with white skin and red cheeks maybe you won't find it in Regents Street.

The streets here are full of restaurants and shops from all over the world and it's very hard to find the English style in them; even if you go to a local market or whatever, you can find almost tourists or people as me that decided to spend a part of their life here.

Call it globalization or whatever you want, but this is the situation when you live in a very big city; sometimes it helps you, for example when you need to eat something that remembers you your home, or when you totally feel a stranger.

And you feel like that a lot of times, for example when you need to go to the bank to open your account and everyone treat you as an E.T.. In a moment like that you wonder if you took the right decision, if your country was so bad and if you really needed to move to a foreign one.

Everything gets better if you take the tube and walk throughout the Thames, especially when the sun shines on you, and you look deeply as far as your eyes can see the House of Parliament or S.Paul Cathedral. Here you are, you finally realize that your dream has come true: you are in London, and not just for two or three days, but you are living here, on the Thames betweens strangers and, sometimes, a Londoner.

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    I want to visit London so badly..

    I need more stories, I want to live vicariously through you!!
    (happy I found your blog!)


  2. Thank you very much! I'm just sorry because I don't have so much time to spend on my blog! I really hope to be better as soon as possible! ;)